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Helping the Mob to Help Themselves

is an 
Aboriginal Specialist Homelessness Support Service

Specialist homelessness services are an important part of the service system that will support you if you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.
Information about all our homelessness support services can be found in our list of services.
Contact the Homelessness team if you have any questions.
HSNet is a free website for anyone looking for a service in NSW. It has information on over 65,000 support services across NSW, covering health, disability, aged care, welfare, education, legal and housing.
HSNet works on any device that can connect to internet and web browsers.
Ask Izzy is a web-based app that can also help you find a range of services, including shelter, health, meals, counselling, legal and more.
Innari Provides an Aboriginal-focused Specialist Homelessness Support Service

  • Mentoring programs for Aboriginal clients provided by Aboriginal people

  • Support to access accommodation for Aboriginal clients who are rough sleepers

  • Referrals

  • Information

  • Help people who are sleeping rough in Sydney are linked with appropriate support services 


We provide a service which engages and supports Aboriginal people who are vulnerable and experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness via referrals as well as completing outreach work.
Our direct client support now includes case management, working collaboratively with other providers to co-case manage Aboriginal clients.

Creating referral pathways and links on behalf of the client with local services in their area i.e. medical, dental, childcare, legal services, mental health services and housing providers etc.

​Providing Tenancy support to Aboriginal tenants of social and private housing services early to work through issues placing their tenancies at risk
We can help you with referrals, support letters and applications to gain

  • Short term or emergency accommodation

  • Medium term/transitional housing

  • Long term housing

  • Assistance to sustain tenancy or prevent tenancy failure or eviction

 Do you need a Referral or Help  With ?

  • Assistance to obtain/maintain government allowance

  • Culturally specific services

  • Assistance to connect culturally

  • Employment assistance

  • Training assistance

  • Educational assistance

  • Financial information

  • Family/relationship assistance

  • Legal information

  • Court support

  • Advice/information

  • Advocacy/liaison on behalf of clients
  • Mental health services
  • Health/medical services

  • Professional legal services

  • Drug/alcohol counselling




What is rough sleeping?

Rough sleeping is broadly defined as people sleeping, or bedded down, in the open air shelter not fit for human habitation. This type of homelessness is categorized as primary homelessness.
Rough sleeping is also referred to as street homelessness. Street homeless people are those who routinely find themselves on the streets during the day with nowhere to go at night. Some will end up sleeping outside, or in a derelict building, stairwells or in other temporary makeshift shelters.

What is outreach?
Morse (1987) provides a “process definition” of outreach, referring to “contact with any individual who would otherwise be ignored or un-served in non-traditional settings for the purposes of improving their mental health, health, social functioning or to increase their human service and resource utilization” . Outreach workers actively approach potential clients on the streets and offer supports related to accommodation and services.

What is assertive outreach?
There is considerable debate about the term ‘assertive’ and what this implies. Based on workshop consultations, participant feedback and literature reviews the term ‘assertive’ refers to a consistent and persistent approach when engaging with rough sleepers. The purpose of such an approach is to support the process of engagement, in doing so, validating the process and the time it takes to establish positive rapport and engagement between the outreach worker and client relationship. 

What is a street-based assertive outreach?

Street-based outreach is a model that provides outreach services to clients in public places.  Outreach workers actively approach potential clients on the streets and offer supports related to accommodation and services. Street-based outreach enables workers to respond directly and immediately to clients' needs by bringing services to clients rather than waiting for individuals to come to services on their own.


Sources, Acknowledgements and Special thanks to the following Organisations for their dedication in Social Welfare
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services , Indigenous Affairs, Homelessness Australia, Salvation army, City of Sydney, St Vincent de Paul Society, ABS, Sydney Homeless Connect,
Neami, Wayside Chapel, Mission beat/Mission Australia, Wesley Mission, Guthrie house, Launchpad. 
Plus the many many more who work tirelessly in and for the community.​
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