The Strength of a Nation derives from the
Integrity of the Home


Home is the place
you miss the most
when you aren't there

 Maggie Jones

Helping the Mob to Help Themselves

What Is Homelessness?

What does

Homelessness is a complex issue with no single solution.​

There is a higher rate of evictions for Aboriginal people than there are for non-Aboriginal people.

Taking that into consideration and by Working in partnership with other  organisations Innari Inc aims to:

Prevent people from becoming entrenched in homelessness 

Make sure those who do become homeless are assisted out of homelessness quickly

Supporting social housing and specialist homelessness service providers to understand
some of the cultural issues that may lead to problems in tenancy.

There are many different types of living arrangements that indicate a person is experiencing homelessness.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ definition, homeless people are those who have no shelter, those who live in a dwelling that is inadequate, or has short or no tenure, and those whose dwelling does not allow them to have space for social relations.

This includes people living in ‘severely crowded’ dwellings—that is, in dwellings requiring 4 or more additional bedrooms to accommodate the people who usually live there.

The Australian Institute of health and Welfare 

Homelessness among Indigenous Australians Publication presents information on the prevalence of homelessness among Indigenous Australians, the characteristics of Indigenous people who are homeless, and the use of specialist homelessness services by Indigenous people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

On Census night in 2011, there were an estimated 26,743 Indigenous people experiencing homelessness, comprising 28% of the total homeless population.

Three-quarters of homeless Indigenous people were living in severely crowded dwellings. In 2012–13, about 1 in 5 clients of specialist homelessness services were Indigenous—an estimated 54,885 clients.
Download the Homelessness among Indigenous Australians Publication Here

Sources, Acknowledgements and Special thanks to the following Organisations for their dedication in Social Welfare
Department of Families, Housing, Community Services , Indigenous Affairs, Homelessness Australia, Salvation army, City of Sydney, St Vincent de Paul Society, ABS, Sydney Homeless Connect,
Neami, Wayside Chapel, Mission beat/Mission Australia, Wesley Mission, Guthrie house, Launchpad. 
Plus the many many more who work tirelessly in and for the community.​
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